Green Coffee Beans Side Effects

The demand for pure green coffee beans extract has scaled aggressively after concentrated media coverage. This media blitz was followed by an increase on a number of internet sites offering green coffee bean supplements. The huge flood of demand has introduced the many benefits of green coffee bean to the common person. Nevertheless, one has to keep in mind that aside from the benefits, there are also some side effects of green coffee beans.

In reality, it is important to note that there are no serious side effects that have already been reported by people using green coffee beans extract supplements. Clinical research has verified this. However, there are certain precautions that have to be considered:

  • Because green coffee beans are, to sum it up, coffee beans, they contain large amounts of caffeine. This means that it can cause glaucoma, thinning bones, and bleeding disorders.
  • For certain people, consuming large amounts of coffee bean extract can lead to vomiting and headache.
  • There is no extensive research done on the potential adverse effects of green coffee beans on pregnant women and lactating mothers. It would be best to stay away from the supplement until it is proven safe.

Aside from those mentioned, all the rest that you can hear about green coffee beans extracts are benefits, thanks to its large amount of chlorogenic acid. This amazing ingredient is what makes green coffee beans highly effective in helping a person lose weight. A large amount of the chlorogenic acid present in coffee beans is obliterated during the roasting process and that is the reason why the weight-reducing feature of coffee is not present with the commercial ones that we normally drink.

There is a lack of comprehensive human-involved tests made on why green coffee bean extract works so well. That is the reason why there is very little proof on its potential efficacy and long term side effects. It is by and large deemed as a safe substance with no considerable bad effects.

A study made involving 28 patients who took green coffee beans straight for two months, there are no serious effects seen. Long term consumption did not have any effect on the body’s chemical balances. A physician tagged the substance clinically safe giving credence to the efficacy and safety of the green coffee bean extracts for human consumption.

Green coffee bean extracts have been linked with weight loss, with a lot of individuals swearing by its effectiveness plus its being devoid of adverse side effects.

The bottom line, aside from the unfavorable effects of caffeine to people who do not react favorably to its consumption, green coffee bean extracts are practically harmless based on recent studies. Coffee bean extracts contain only 10% caffeine which means its effects are almost negligible. The trick is, whenever you experience adverse symptoms, it is best to take a look at the effects of caffeine on the body and decide from there.

Green coffee bean extracts are becoming increasingly popular. You can check forums and customer comments to get a better understanding of the substance.


Easy Green Coffee Beans Recipes You Can Do At Home

Coffee beans that have not been roasted are known as Green Coffee beans. Generally, the typical coffee beans are roasted at very high temperatures. Because of the roasting process, coffee beans become dark in color.

Raw coffee beans which are still green in color contain an ingredient called chlorogenic acid. This component has been discovered to be very effective in fat-burning and it also has anti-oxidant properties. Roasting coffee beans causes them to lose about 90% of these properties. The element’s ability to aid people in losing weight diminishes because of the heat.

While there are a lot of effective ways to lose weight such as strenuous exercise, proper diet, and the taking of supplements, people are still on the lookout for the way to achieve quick weight loss minus the health risks. Sure, there are pills and whatnots that can really trim you down in a jiffy but taking them includes huge health risks. Others resort to starving and eating foods that taste like paper in order to shed pounds.

The amazing things about taking coffee bean extracts is that it does not have any side effects and you can still eat whatever you want as long as you consume 800 milligrams of this supplement every day. There are studies that prove that you can still lose a considerable amount of weight with green coffee bean extracts regardless of the amount of food you consume.

Nevertheless, if you really want to lead a healthy life, you can partner your green coffee bean program with great green coffee beans recipes. You can make green coffee ice cream. The main ingredients in this recipe are, of course, green coffee extract and colostrums which is taken from cow’s milk. The latter has been known to strengthen the body’s immune system. This means that aside from enjoying the amazing taste of ice cream that we all love and lose weight at the same time, you are also protecting yourself from chronic diseases such as colds and flu.

You can also create fudge bars filled with green coffee bean extracts and coconut milk. This dessert is great for people who are conscious of their weight but cannot break the habit of eating sweets. Coconut milk is not only healthy; it is also very low in calorie content with just only 80 calories.  If you think muffins are fattening, think again because you can now enjoy green coffee muffins. You can create muffins with a touch of the usual ingredients such as nutmeg, cinnamon, and add green coffee bean extracts. It can really be an amazing snack or partner with black coffee or tea.

Cakes are a huge no-no for people on diet. You can enjoy cakes and shed pounds at the same time with the green coffee cake. It is one of the healthiest desserts you can ever taste. And it’s healthy, too. You can use powdered green coffee beans which can be bought at the corner grocery store nowadays and add some slices of fresh fruits. There are fresh salad green coffee bean recipes as well that you can enjoy.


Green coffee bean extract is fast becoming a very popular commodity as it is being vigorously advertised as one of the many weight loss products that are increasingly becoming popular online and in other media sources. The diet supplement is among the many items that have been researched to be very potent in some studies. The supplements are available in capsule form. These coffee beans are colored green, which gives the impression that they are fresh. And not like brewed coffee, these do not go through the roasting process.

Green Coffee Beans Health Benefits

Green coffee beans possess a natural ingredient called chlorogenic acid. Unfortunately, it is the element in coffee that is obliterated when the beans are roasted.  Green coffee bean extract can effectively help you lose weight, according to nutrition experts. At the same time, green coffee bean extract is vegetable based and it does not contain any harmful additives.

There are a number of studies done testing the efficacy of green coffee bean extracts especially in its much advertised potency on weight loss. A comprehensive study performed by Bryan Burnham, Mysore Nagendran, and Joe Vinson on green coffee beans involved 16 obese people. These individuals took green coffee bean extract supplements while consuming 2400 calories every single day. To top it all off, the participants did not participate in any physical workout programs. Despite these conditions, each of the members of the study group managed to lose 17 pounds in 12 weeks under the program. They also lost 16% of their body fat.

Within the whole course of the experiment, the members of the study group received varying quantities of green coffee bean extracts. Based on the data gathered, the ideal amount of green coffee bean extracts to be taken in a day that would result in the biggest amount of weight loss would be 800 milligrams.

One can take 400 milligrams of green coffee bean extracts twice a day, preferably 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner. What is amazing about this particular product is that it does not carry with it any side effects even when you miss taking a capsule. Regular consumption can definitely provide the most favorable results.

One thing though, this diet supplement should not be ingested with food, and it should be taken with a glass of water. Green coffee bean extract does not have any undesirable consequences even when taken with other  vitamin supplements. Nevertheless, it is best if you consult a doctor first before ingesting the supplement.

Why Buy Green Coffee Bean Extract

One of the biggest problems of society today is obesity. This condition does not come alone. Obesity is also linked with a wide range of other illnesses including metabolic disorders, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and even cancer. Taking into consideration the massive positive effects that green coffee bean extract provides the body, the product is among the few good supplements that individuals should utilize if they want to have good health and lose weight at the same time.

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Green Coffee Beans: The Truth Behind The Hype

As with most weight loss fads, green coffee beans and its derivatives have grown in popularity almost overnight. Before, it was almost unknown, but now almost everyone is recommending it, even celebrities and health experts. While the benefits of green coffee beans cannot be denied, it’s always important to know everything about a fad before trying it. So what’s the real deal behind green coffee beans? Here are a few truths you need to learn.

English: A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto...

English: A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto: Taso de kafo. Français : Photo d’une tasse de caffé Español: Taza de café (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Normal Lifestyle Matters

One of the biggest misconceptions about green coffee beans is that it’s a miracle weight loss supplement. No pill or program can deliver overnight results, and neither can green coffee beans. Yes, these supplements have undergone testing, and it has been proven that green coffee beans can help people lose weight, but these are for people who have relatively healthy lifestyles. This includes people who are a handful of pounds overweight from their target.

Tests have shown that it can help people burn fat faster so even if you eat more than the recommended daily allowance by a few calories, your body can burn it easily with the help of green coffee beans. However, it is not for the obese or for people who don’t have a healthy lifestyle. Even if you chug down a gallon of green coffee, it won’t help you a bit if you don’t exercise or have a terribly unhealthy diet.

Green Coffee For Healthy Living

With all the hype about it being a great weight loss tool, people tend to forget that it’s not just for losing weight. Even if your weight is normal and you don’t need to shed some pounds, you can still benefit from drinking green coffee. Green coffee beans are rich in chlorogenic acid, which not only helps shed pounds, but is also a potent antioxidant.

It helps regulate insulin levels in the blood and keeps your digestive system healthy. It also lowers your risk for several types of cancer, and can slow down the aging process as well. With all these benefits, green coffee should not only be touted as weight loss supplement, but as a general wellness aide.

Great Alternative For Black Coffee

You may start drinking green coffee for the simple reason that it’s a much healthier alternative to black coffee. If you’re a coffee fanatic, but hate the upset stomach and heart palpitations that black coffee brings, then switching to green coffee might just be what the doctor orders. Green coffee is low in caffeine and is left unroasted. Because it doesn’t go through the roasting process, the good enzymes and antioxidants don’t get destroyed so you get more goodness with every cup. Also, most green coffee drinkers claim that it possesses a smoother and silkier taste and feel compared to black coffee.

A Word To The Wise

Although the health benefits of green coffee beans have been proven time and time again, remember that there are a lot of manufacturers of green coffee products out there. Not all products have the same concentration and formulation, so if this is your first time trying green coffee beans, do some research and compare products first before choosing which one to try.


Green Coffee Beans Versus Black Coffee Beans

Many people have always loved coffee, not only because it is delicious, but because it is a healthier alternative to carbonated drinks and alcohol. However, until recently, people never knew there were different kinds of coffee. Now, green coffee beans compete with black coffee beans in terms of popularity and health benefits. So what do these two types of coffee have in common and where do they differ? Here is a simple comparison on different grounds.

The Taste Test

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. When it comes to taste, the difference is actually quite small. However, black coffee beans are roasted, while green ones are unroasted. Because of this, green coffee beans have a smooth taste that goes down the throat really well. Coffee aficionados who like the rough and tough texture of black coffee may still stick to the traditional kind of coffee, but those who’ve tried green coffee say it’s a more tolerable choice for people who have not taken a liking to the taste of coffee.

The Weight Loss Benefits

Green coffee beans are the top choice if you want to lose weight, although black coffee beans have their own merits when it comes to weight loss. It can lower cholesterol levels and maintain good insulin levels. When combined with a balance diet, one with lots of natural and whole foods, green coffee can boost the fat-burning process, helping you shed those pounds naturally.

Black coffee beans on the other hand, don’t have a lot of obvious benefits when it comes to weight loss. However, it is the only beverage other than water that is low in calories. A cup of black coffee contains a mere 2 calories.

Both Are Good For Your Health

Both green and black coffee beans have general health benefits that can improve your well-being for the long term. Green coffee contains high level of antioxidants, plus chlorogenic acid, which not only help ward off free radicals and slow down the aging process, but also helps regulate your digestive system. Black coffee has been linked to a lower incidence of diabetes and cancer in the breast, colon, and liver among regular coffee drinkers. It also contains antioxidants, although nowhere near as much as green coffee, because some of the antioxidants get destroyed during the roasting process.

The Verdict

In the end though, green coffee beans are a much better choice compared to black coffee beans. Mostly due to the fact that it’s unroasted, green coffee beans provide more health benefits, have a higher concentration of antioxidants, and doesn’t have nearly as much caffeine as regular coffee does. While this means it may not perk you up as efficiently as black coffee can, you also avoid the bad side effects associated with drinking black coffee like anxiety and upset stomachs.

While fans of black coffee might need to get used to the fact that there’s a different coffee color other than black, with the general wellness and weight loss benefits that green coffee brings, plus the fact that it still makes for one delicious beverage, a switch is definitely worth it.


How Green Coffee Beans Contribute To A Person’s Wellness and Health

People love coffee beans because of their taste and their ability to perk up a person instantly. Green coffee beans in particular, have gained a lot of people’s affection because not only do they taste as good, but they have been proven to be an effective weight loss aid. This claim is backed by numerous studies and research.

Unlike traditional coffee beans, green coffee beans are not roasted, which gives them a silkier and smoother taste. Because they are not roasted, the essences and extracts found in green coffee beans retain their effectiveness and therefore give a person more health benefits. So what exactly are these health benefits? Here are just a few reasons why people love green coffee beans.

Green Coffee Beans As A Weight Loss Tool

The biggest benefit that green coffee beans bring people is that it helps them maintain a healthy weight. Research has shown that green coffee bean extracts hinder weight gain in adults with relatively normal body types. According to these studies, they help weight loss by boosting the body’s metabolism, helping it burn fat better. It also makes the body more efficient at converting calories to energy, to prevent excess fat absorption and storage. They also keep people healthier by regulating insulin and sugar levels, making it a good supplement for people on the verge of obesity and for those who have diabetes.

Green Coffee Beans As An Effective Antioxidant

Coffee beans in general are proven effective antioxidants, but since green coffee beans are unroasted, their effect is maximized. Green coffee contains chlorogenic acids, an antioxidant which promotes a healthy digestive system. With regular intake of green coffee products, these chlorogenic acids do their magic in the intestinal tract, where they bind with the good bacteria present there. These acids have been found to boost the health of good bacteria in the intestine, so these bacteria become more effective at keeping the environment of the intestines healthy. A healthy digestive system prevents a plethora of diseases like inflammation in the intestines, and even cancer.

Green Coffee Beans As An Energy Booster

Coffee beans in general are great energy boosters, but green coffee is a much healthier and more effective alternative. They improve a person’s mental alertness and concentration, while reducing stress and lethargy by boosting your body’s ability to produce energy. It also contain glutathione, a proven antioxidant and anti-aging tool. These components are strong free radical fighters, which makes green coffee beans consumption a very healthy choice.

The best thing about green coffee beans is that they taste great. Most people shy away from bland drinks and become addicted to carbonated drinks and alcohol, which taste great but are bad for your health. However, since green coffee is loved by many, one doesn’t have to sacrifice comfort and personal preference just to be healthier. This above all, is what makes green coffee beans an effective and well-received weight loss aide and general wellness promoter.



Some Considerations You Need To Know About Green Coffee Beans Extract

Green coffee beans extract has gained vast popularity among people who want to lose weight. However, like with all health supplement fads, it’s not healthy to follow a trend blindly. All supplements have their ups and downs, and it’s important to be fully aware of the positive and negative sides before trying a product out.

So what’s the real deal with green coffee beans extract and does it help you lose weight? Here’s the real score on the issue.

Weight Loss is Simply A Side Effect

Most people turn to green coffee beans extract because of weight loss claims. However, it’s important to remember that weight loss is only a side effect, and not the primary function. In fact, half of supplements whose primary ingredient is green coffee extract don’t contain enough chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is the property in green bean extract that helps people lose weight. However, turns out most supplements only have a minimal amount of this acid and therefore, you won’t feel its effects.

In fact, a recent report made by states that several brands of green coffee extract supplements were tested, and only half of those tested actually passed. The rest only had trace amounts of chlorogenic acid. However, fans of green coffee would be happy to know that a lot of products out there do have a considerable amount of chlorogenic acid, one of them being Starbucks’ green coffee drink.

Most Supplements are Non-Standardized

People should remember that supplements are not standardized by law. This means that companies can put as much or as little of their active ingredients into their supplements. Manufacturers of green coffee beans extract supplements aren’t required by law to put a certain percentage of chlorogenic acid into their supplements. This means that they are free to market supplements with only trace amounts of chlorogenic acid in them. Unlike prescription drugs, the formulation of supplements will always vary greatly from one manufacturer to the next.

What Consumers Can Do

This doesn’t mean you should lose faith in green coffee beans itself. Since the formula varies from one manufacturer to another, you can try switching brands if one brand doesn’t seem to take effect. You may also look up reports on tests done on green coffee bean supplements to see which contains enough chlorogenic acid so you can maximize its weight loss potential. Most legit brands will specify if they passed certain tests and if they’re confident in their product, they will give the percentage of chlorogenic acid found in their supplements. Just do your research and take time shopping around. Nothing can waste your money more than simply following a fad blindly, without gathering enough information to make an accurate decision.