Some Considerations You Need To Know About Green Coffee Beans Extract

Green coffee beans extract has gained vast popularity among people who want to lose weight. However, like with all health supplement fads, it’s not healthy to follow a trend blindly. All supplements have their ups and downs, and it’s important to be fully aware of the positive and negative sides before trying a product out.

So what’s the real deal with green coffee beans extract and does it help you lose weight? Here’s the real score on the issue.

Weight Loss is Simply A Side Effect

Most people turn to green coffee beans extract because of weight loss claims. However, it’s important to remember that weight loss is only a side effect, and not the primary function. In fact, half of supplements whose primary ingredient is green coffee extract don’t contain enough chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is the property in green bean extract that helps people lose weight. However, turns out most supplements only have a minimal amount of this acid and therefore, you won’t feel its effects.

In fact, a recent report made by states that several brands of green coffee extract supplements were tested, and only half of those tested actually passed. The rest only had trace amounts of chlorogenic acid. However, fans of green coffee would be happy to know that a lot of products out there do have a considerable amount of chlorogenic acid, one of them being Starbucks’ green coffee drink.

Most Supplements are Non-Standardized

People should remember that supplements are not standardized by law. This means that companies can put as much or as little of their active ingredients into their supplements. Manufacturers of green coffee beans extract supplements aren’t required by law to put a certain percentage of chlorogenic acid into their supplements. This means that they are free to market supplements with only trace amounts of chlorogenic acid in them. Unlike prescription drugs, the formulation of supplements will always vary greatly from one manufacturer to the next.

What Consumers Can Do

This doesn’t mean you should lose faith in green coffee beans itself. Since the formula varies from one manufacturer to another, you can try switching brands if one brand doesn’t seem to take effect. You may also look up reports on tests done on green coffee bean supplements to see which contains enough chlorogenic acid so you can maximize its weight loss potential. Most legit brands will specify if they passed certain tests and if they’re confident in their product, they will give the percentage of chlorogenic acid found in their supplements. Just do your research and take time shopping around. Nothing can waste your money more than simply following a fad blindly, without gathering enough information to make an accurate decision.


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